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1:1 Way Finding 

x3 - 90 min. mentoring sessions 

I offer private 1:1 mentoring to support you and the development of your programmes, courses, business or movements. It may be just the spark of an idea, or a programme you have dreamed of creating, it may be one you have tended for many years. 

Through the lenses of social enterprise development, eco-system mapping, feminist analysis, and ancestral honouring together we explore what is needed to keep you and the fire of your work, practice, or business nourished.  We unpack concepts and work ethics of the solo-hero leader to re-imagine collaborative and creative approaches that support your work.  We look at the many ways of knowing, identify what you have already gathered and what or whom might be needed, and inspire you to take your work forward in connected and meaningful ways.

As an elder I hold the space for you to discover what is yours to craft in this life.

The 3 sessions can be via zoom, or if in person we do our first session walking on a local beach.


Women's Facilitator

For private groups or communities

If you are running or planning programmes for women and would like to develop your competencies around animist/feminist collaborative leadership either individually or as a team, I offer a weekend experience to support your programmes and work to flourish.  The key approaches this training offers are:

  • Programme design 

  • Cultural awareness & competency in ritual

  • Identifying how white supremacy and heteronormative bias can underpin women's wellness and empowerment spaces   

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  • Creating inclusive, safe spaces with respect to lived experience, held knowledges, boundaries and consent.

  • Honouring the ancestral feminine.

I model collaborative leadership by engaging and working with folks in this programme  who have expertise and lived experience in any areas that I do not.     

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Level 1 Leadership Training: The Rite of Passage Framework

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This training is designed for anyone who wants to learn about Rites of Passage and begin their journey to develop and facilitate truly transformational programs for people of all ages. The aim of this experiential learning weekend is to support you to understand the model and methodology of Rite of Passage framework giving you the understanding, awareness and confidence through your own journey.  This training is an introduction that will hopefully inspire you to take the next steps toward creating transformational programmes and guiding others as they transition from one stage of life to the next.

I lead the women's programme on this training for both men and women those that we've trained are are teachers, coaches, school and private counsellors, yoga teachers, health and wellness practitioners, indigenous community groups, outdoor educators, private family offices and entrepreneurs.  

The next Level One trainings are December 3 - 5 2021

and April 1-3 2022 


Level Two: Transformational Facilitation

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Expand on the learnings of the Level 1 Leadership Training through this four day immersion. In this training you will gain a deeper understanding of your capacity to create powerful, inclusive and safe containers for transformation and

discover how to authentically and respectfully create ritual and ceremony as part of life’s transitions.

Learn to recognise liminal space and work with it in responsible ways and gain 


impactful, effective and practical tools to lead circles, sharing and discussions.

Our goal is to empower, up-skill and support facilitators. We will help you discover your own leadership style and bring awareness to your facilitation practice.

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