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Wayfinding 1:1 Mentoring

Way Finding Mentoring 

Online individual sessions 

I offer private 1:1 mentoring to support you in the development of your journey with Rites of Passage either for yourself, your practice, or your offerings. It may be that you'd like guidance in tending a current shift, or flaming the spark of an idea or programme you have dreamed of creating, or it may be to illuminate a transition you have already made. 


Through the lenses of rites of passage as a social technology and understanding of cycles, ritual, animism, myth, a matrescentric feminist analysis, ancestral honouring,- together we explore the path you are walking.  We will examine what we consider knowledge and look at the many ways of knowing. We unpack cultural structures and systems, binary perspectives, myths of the 'good girl/woman' and 'perfect mother' alongside the unhelpful ideals of the heroes journey in leadership or life.  Our aim is to re-imagine creative and collaborative approaches that might support your work.  We identify what resources, skills and knowing you have already gathered, and what inspires you to bring your work into the world in connected and meaningful ways.

As an elder I hold the space for you to discover what is yours to craft in this life.


Way Finding comprises 3 x 90 min sessions via zoom (scheduled at a time that fits your timezone). Sessions in 2023 are $250.00 per session.  If this is of interest, please reach out and book a intro call. 

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To discuss any of the above trainings or if you'd like to chat to see if we are a good fit for mentoring just fill out the form below..

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