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Mother & Daughter Camp

A weekend for mums and their girls 11-14 years...

Rising Women is a 3 day Mother Daughter camp designed to support you and your daughter as she steps into her teen years.  Rising Women offers some time away just for you two to share an adventure to support you both with the changes already happening (or on the horizon) in your relationship. Our aim is to set the foundations for you both to better navigate this journey of adolescence as your daughter matures toward young adulthood.


What does it mean to support your daughter as she navigates her teen years? 


It means centering her journey toward young adulthood within a community of women who recognise and can reflect on the challenges ahead.  It means offering thoughtful questions that allow her to explore who she is becoming. It means honouring her values and the unique gifts she brings to the world.  


We support girls to develop an awareness of the social pressures and gendered expectations that play a highly influential role in shaping her sense of who she is, while creating the space for her to reflect on the kind of young person she actually wants to become, to realise her strengths, and to thrive.

We acknowledge that this time in adolescence can be a particularly challenging transition when the need to 'fit in' and belong becomes so critical for teens as they strive for more independence from us. So building on your already strong bond and facilitating good communication is now more important than ever.   We will celebrate this stage of her life welcoming her into the changes in her body and the healthy rite of passage in understanding our cycles, body changes and exploring body image beliefs. Together we gently explore issues like friendship dramas, understanding the basics of boundaries and consent, and the challenges of social media that can keep us from regarding ourselves with kindness and compassion. 

Mums will have time together to explore the impacts of cultural ideals of 'perfect mother' on our wellbeing, and the changing dynamics of your relationship with your daughter.  We look at healthy communication, how to set and keep boundaries that are right for you, the dance of freedom and responsibility, and resources to support you on this journey.

Every morning we practice and learn tools together in nervous system support to help us to stay connected to our bodies and to know what feels 'safe' for each of us.  


If you have a daughter aged 11-14 yrs and want to:


  • Strengthen your relationship with your daughter as she navigates adolescence.

  • Support her to have the confidence to make healthy choices and you both to hold appropriate boundaries. 

  • Connect with other mums and girls to feel supported on this journey

  • Enjoy good food, camp fires and share an adventure together! 

Our Rising Women Mother Daughter camp might be what's calling  to support you both as you step into this next phase together.

Our 2023 camps will be from 19-21 May (waitlist only) and 18-20 August (spaces still available) at Sacred Hearth Sanctuary in the Byron Hinterland of Northern NSW.  The camp starts at 3:00 pm on Friday and finishes at 2:00 pm on Sunday.  You can fly into either Ballina/Byron Gateway airport or Gold Coast.  Each are about a 40 min drive to the venue.  


The total cost of the camp is $1350 for both mother & daughter to attend and includes all catering:

Friday: afternoon tea, dinner

Saturday: breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner

Sunday: breakfast, morning tea, lunch

We create a small camping village on site at Sacred Hearth to provide both nature connection and a sense of adventure in shared bell tents festival style.  You can choose to bring your own tent and camping kit if preferred or share a Bell tent with one other mum & daughter. Tents and kit hire of Shared Bell tent, x2 Air Mattresses, Mattress toppers, Linens, Pillows and Blankets are all supplied for a hire fee of $100 inclusive per duo.  You can also bring your own pillow or any other comforts you might need. 

There are beautiful indoor bathrooms and toilets with plenty of hot water. The programme is held both indoors at the retreat centre spaces and outdoors for activities.


Please understand that as the camps fill to capacity we are unable to accept your registration and secure your place without payment of the camp fees. 


Please see below for FAQs, a link to book an intro call, and venue gallery

Image by Vino Li

If you'd like to find out more about our Rising Women camp
and book an intro call, please fill out the form below.

Thanks for reaching out! I aim to reply within 48 hours.

Warmly, Kamya

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