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I walk with you to discover what is yours to craft in this life

I tend the thresholds of life's transitions
focusing on rites of passages for girls, women, mothers,
and elders by creating and guiding handmade transformative circles,
journeys and trainings 
that acknowledge and celebrate the significant cycles
and stages of our lives.

From adolescence to young adulthood,  to the metamorphosis and transitions of motherhood and creative leadership, from the mature feminine to elder;
each rite of passage is a quest to discover our own calling,
a 'dropping in' to a deep listening for our own ways of knowing,
and a remembering of who we are.
Transitions require a separation from what no longer serves us,
the liminality of change,the sharing of our stories and facing the challenges
appropriate for each life stage. What is transformed is a renewed understanding
of the gifts we bring to the world, what it means to belong- to ourselves,
to our kin, and to the unfolding vision of our lives.  

Each program I offer is co-created and facilitated with expertise in:
evidence -based research; trauma
-informed space holding;
curious and courageous inquiry practices;
and ancestral and earth-honouring ritual and ceremony.

I am an animist and feminist and my work is dedicated to creating inclusive and brave spaces
for all women. I know that gender is a construct, for humans and our other than-human kin gender is fluid and yet I teach and facilitate gendered Rites of Passage programs because I know that we need to reflect and often unlearn some of the conditioning we may have received as girls and women maturing in a patriarchal culture.  

I pay my respects to the traditional owners and elders both past and present on the lands of the Bundjalung Nation on which I live and work. I acknowledge the revolutionary black and indigenous feminist foremothers who have made so much
way-finding possible for all women.

“I know that women carry their wisdom deep within,
and remembering these other ways of knowing
is the medicine we need to reweave the world." 
Image by Annie Spratt
about me
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As a facilitator of women's rites of passage programs and a mentor to women coaches and leaders, I create inclusive and diverse journeys to support life's transitions. My animist feminist methodology comes from layering the social technology of Rites of Passage  with an intersectional feminist approach that names the personal, cultural and planetary mother wound of living within patriarchal systems.  My programmes seek to provide the opportunity to claim our knowledges and ways of knowing alongside our resistance by unlearning the myths of the Good Girl/Good Woman/Perfect Mother. I hold trauma-informed space to create inclusive programmes that are attuned to cyclical nature and stages of life, earth and 'more than human' world.  I honour the ancestors of place and lineages with gratitude. 


I have 20+ years experience as a arts & cultural pioneer and strategic head of programming and development that honed my approach to collective and transformational experiences, alongside my facilitator training (please see below).

My own journey has been to relearn the craft of elder as one who humbly stands on the shoulders of the fire keepers, healers and foremothers that came before me.

I am the mother of daughters who are my joy and inspiration.

lineages & teachers
lineages, teachers and trainings that inform my work

I acknowledge of all the women of my ancestral lineage, all those who came before me who allowed me to embody this work. I am the daughter of Celtic women, some healers, guides and warriors. My people are from France, Scotland and Germany. Reconnecting to my female ancestors has meant reconnecting to the courageous kindness, enduring strength and powerful wisdom they hold. This connection to the ancestral feminine guides my understanding of the burdens and grief of  women across centuries, as well as the harms caused as early settler-colonists of North Eastern US.  Healing and cultural repair is foundational to my own journey and I am committed to creating and facilitating programmes that are founded on intergenerational, animist & feminist in values, actively anti-racist, decolonising  and LGTBQ+ inclusive.

Teachers I have learned from:

  • Dr. Kimberly George, Psychosocial Somatic Theorist and Scholar, and Founder of Feminism School

  • Dr. Sophie Brock, Motherhood Practitioner Certification, Learn more about Sophie's work here.

  • Katie Kurtz (LISW-S), creator of the Trauma Competencies™  and the evidence-informed 'Trauma-Informed Space Holding (TISH) Blueprint™.  See Katie's work here.

  • Turiya Hanover, Founder of Working with People Trainings, The Path of Love, for her mentoring, care and inspired embodied leadership. Find her work here.

Trainings and Experience:

  • Certified Motherhood Studies Practitioner, with Dr Sophie Brock

  • CULTIVATE, Trauma Informed Space Holding with Katie Kurtz

  • BlackCard Training, Cultural Capability with Mundara Bayles, based on the work of Dr. Lila Watson and Dr. Mary Graham Aboriginal Elders and Educators and course developers for the University of Queensland. 

  • Fundamentals of Attachment Theory - Diane Poole Heller

  • The Rites of Passage Institute Leadership trainings at Level One and Level Two 

  • Certified Youth Mental Health First Aider with Mental Health First Aid, Australia

  • Ancestral Medicine: Ancestral Lineage Healing / Foundations of Ritual / Animist Psychology with Dr. Daniel Foor

  • The hundreds of mothers I have sat in circle with who have shared their stories, challenges and hearts.

  • The many artists, creators and storytellers I had the priviledge to work with as Head of International Arts & Cultural Programmes, Dartington Hall Trust & Dartington College of Arts

  • Current Working with Children check

  • Undertaking through 2022: PACFA certified Counsellor - Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors (AIPC)


May the nourishment of the earth be yours,

May the clarity of light be yours,

May the fluency of the ocean be yours,

May the protection of the ancestors be yours.

And so may a slow wind work these words

Of love around you,

An invisible cloak

To mind your life.

by John O'Donohue

To enquire about programmes or mentoring please reach out to discuss 
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Thanks for connecting!

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